Mobile Friendly Marketing

Mobile Friendly Marketing

There was a very interesting and informative article in the independent last week about mobile friendly marketing. It was written by Mr. Ian Dobson of the Digital Marketing Institute and informs business owners of a number of must know marketing strategies in today’s mobile world.

With over 60% of global mobile consumers now using their mobile device as their primary internet source, it is a extremely important for business owners to have a mobile friendly marketing strategy in place.

Users expect a smooth mobile experience when they visit your website and the article points out the difference between mobile sites and responsive websites. It is very important that your web site, as the shop window to your business, provides a quality experience on mobile devices.

Next was SMS or Text Message Marketing, a hugely popular marketing technique due to its ease of use, low cost and high response rates for business. The article mentions that there are rules which must be followed to stay within data protection guidelines but once followed and combining an opt-in customer strategy with Bulk SMS Marketing, the returns for your business will far surpass any other marketing channel.

We have been in the Text Message marketing business for 6 years and have seen it grow exponentially year on year, even when person to person SMS is declining, business to customer SMS is still increasing and the industry is predicted to be valued at $70 billion by 2020.

We would be delighted to help you with your mobile friendly marketing needs and our sales team is available to answer all your questions on how to create and build your opt-in database, how to comply with data protection legislation and the best times and content for your bulk SMS and mobile friendly marketing campaigns.

Sendmode are well known for our service levels and you will have mobile numbers of all our sales team and we’ll be at your service 24/7.

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