Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce (aka “M-commerce”) is the ability to make a purchase of goods or services directly through a mobile device e.g. mobile phone, tablet etc…  A mobile commerce platform/website is a smaller version of the company’s desktop webpage highlighting the important information visitors would require.

The Sendmode mobile website platform offers mobile commerce functionality through the products feature. This feature provides three options:

1. Add a link to existing web page of Products.

2. Create a products page.

3. Create a shopping cart – this is the m-commerce option enabling you to display and sell a selection of your products (20 items max) – so these could be your featured or top products for the week or month.


  1. A mobile optimised website is a version of the company webpage which is designed to display a small version of the website or the important content from the desktop website on a mobile device.
    • – The purchasing content will be displayed in a user-friendly manner for mobile device users, as will all other content on the mobile website.
  2. M-commerce provides the ability to deliver information that can facilitate a transaction on a mobile device that could otherwise not have occurred away from the desktop website. Meaning anyone can purchase from any mobile device whilst on the move.
  3. Flexible in usage as can be used for anything such as displaying important information like traffic/stock updates from any mobile device whilst on the move to purchasing via mobile devices e.g. your mobile phone.
  4. Versatile as it can be used by any industry from telecoms to retail.
  5. This provides another business market to target – in turn increasing sales revenues and repeat business as this provides another purchasing avenue for customers.
  6. M-commerce can be easily integrated into accounting and contract management with the use of QR codes linking to your mobile website.
  7. M-commerce on a mobile optimised website will drive sales and enable reinforcing the company brand.


  1. Many users may not feel comfortable using mobile devices to carry out transaction payments as they are not familiar with them, as the service is still relatively new. However it is best to offer this service to have the option available for those who would like to utilise this option, as m-commerce will grow over time.
  2. Users need to use the pinch and zoom functionality for non-optimised websites – which is the full website rendered to display on a mobile. This can be irritating for the mobile visitor as it is time-consuming to find the appropriate information on a non-mobile optimised website.
  3. Placing your full website content onto a mobile website platform will not display in a user-friendly manner for mobile device users. This could annoy them as the information is hard to find. So it’s important to have a mobile optimised website displaying the important content for mobile device users.

We have some training videos available on YouTube for you to look at, these will help you design or edit your mobile website. Remember we offer you the option of a free first draft also.

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Mobile Commerce

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