marketing your business

Marketing your business – What we’ve learned (the hard way!!)

Marketing your business is a constant challenge for any of us in business. We try everything to maximise the exposure of our business to the right people who are potentially customers.

Every business owner is an expert in their chosen business but the problem we all face is when how do we market this great new business we have started.

At Sendmode, we are from technical backgrounds and have expertise there. Over the past 6 years we have learned a few things about marketing your business which we would like to quickly share.

There are many channels you can spend your money, (TV, Paper, Social, Email, SMS, Adwords) but we’ll concentrate on the ones that work for us.

Google Adwords

“Be found by the people who are looking for you”. If you are selling products online and want to get the right people to your website, try Google Adwords. Start with a small budget and get your conversion process right, so when people come to your site.

Sendmode Bulk Text Marketing Free Trial

Very popular for out-bound marketing but with so many emails landing in peoples inboxes nowadays, your response rates could be very low. Email is great as a follow up mechanism for people who have started Free Trials for example.


Excellent for exposure and brand awareness. If you are B2B use Linked In and contribute to groups. Facebook and Twitter are great for B2C business, competitions etc.


Great for direct engagement with customers, SMS are delivered instantly and 98% are read within 3 minutes of receipts. Do not bombard people though, as consumers will opt out of your text lists.

We use all of the above channels and have managed to keep our marketing spend at a reasonable level by leveraging each channel to the areas it suits best.

I hope these pointer are of value to yourselves.

Kind Regards

Tricia Fitzpatrick