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Marketing Campaign Cost and ROI Calculator Tool

See your marketing activity costs and revenue return on investment (ROI) easily in our new Campaign Calculator which is free to download below. We have made it simple for you to compare the costs of several marketing communication channels by looking at average response rates and then calculating the potential ROI for your business.

Those not using Bulk Text may be skeptical to begin with, but a quick look at our Campaign Calculator proves that the response rates for SMS justify its use over any other marketing tool. These are just industry averages and obviously the success of your campaign will rely on other factors such as the offer itself, timing, audience etc.

The excel sheet explains how you can custom the figures to your own business. Simply change the ‘Variables’ highlighted in yellow and then feel free to edit the ‘Industry Standard’ figures in Green. However, do not amend any of the figures in Red- these are calculated for you based on the variables and industry standard figures.

This tool aims to provide you with some understanding behind your use of various marketing communications and we hope it proves effective in calculating your ROI for each medium. Should you require assistance, get in touch by calling Trevor on 01 685 4913 or emailing Thanks.

ROI Campaign Response Calculator