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You may have heard about the mobile operators in Brazil turning off WhatsApp for 48 hours? The mobile operators are unhappy that WhatsApp are disrupting their person to person (P2P) SMS traffic while piggybacking on their networks and not paying them anything for doing so. This could become a theme for 2016 so what this space worldwide. The upshot is that more and more business will be looking at an SMS provider again as it is a proven technology for delivering information to customers.

Sendmode, a Tier 1 SMS provider has been around for 7 years now and can help you with any of your SMS needs. Despite all the publicity around WhatsApp, SnapChat and the other OTT services, SMS remains the most complete method of communication with your customers, in fact the SMS Marketing and Application to Person (A2P) industry is set to grow to $70 billion per year by 2020 ( Source: Juniper Research)

If you wish to use our SMS Gateway, we have HTTP and SMPP connections available and a dedicated resource to help you with the integration. If you wish to use our online service to communicate with your customers, our award winning customer service team are available 24/7 to help.

As SMS is the only “app” that is on every mobile handset in the entire world, we see large multinationals like Google, Microsoft and Apple using SMS for customer verification and authentication. The reason for this? SMS is fast, secure and reliable and provides delivery reports to show the message has actually been received.

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We don’t normally do blogs which are trumpet blowing exercises but if you are interested in using an SMS platform, click on the image above and you’ll be registered in minutes for a Free Trial.

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