SMS Marketing Costs vs Traditional Marketing Costs

Let’s compare SMS Marketing and Traditional Marketing costs

If you have been thinking about engaging in SMS marketing campaigns but need a bit more information first then read these benefits to find out why SMS marketing should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

1. Because you are only paying for the messages you send, SMS marketing is low-cost and does not require money to be spent on design, print, publication or distribution like other forms of printed marketing.

2. The information you send your customers can be received quickly and efficiently to ensure practicality for both sides. For instance, appointment reminders sent via text reduce the number of missed appointments and cancellations, which is beneficial for both parties.

3. Text messages can also be much more highly personalized to target particular customers and customer groups. This will boost positive views of your brand which could translate into a higher number of sales and customer loyalty.

Compare SMS Marketing and Tradition Marketing Costs

Costs – 2-3 per message – depending on number of credits purchased.
Delivers – Immediately and can be scheduled in advance.
Extra costs – Keyword €100 – which is optional
Frequency of extra costs – €100 yearly, plus purchase of credits as required at a maximum of €31.00 per 1000 SMS. *


Post / Stamp
Costs – 55cent per stamp
Delivers – 1-2 days after sending depending on the end destination
Extra costs – €25-100 per ink cartridge depending on the printer to Print out the letter, plus 91cent per Envelopes. Then labour at around €9 per hour*
Frequency of extra costs – Daily depending on the industry, Average €680 Per 1000 letters*

Costs – Average 30 cent per flyer
Delivers – Requires minimum 3-4 weeks for design and flyer printing
Extra costs – Labour at around €9 per hour for design and delivery.
Frequency of extra costs – Average €300 per 1000, as necessary – quarterly*

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Hope this comparison assists you in evaluating your marketing activities.

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* Note: All prices are correct at time of publishing.