Is SendMode better value for business than O2 Web Text?

While speaking to one of our clients recently, they mentioned that they had been using O2 web text for sending out their messages. Currently 02 allows 500 free messages on its excellent web text platform, after which the user would pay standard rate, typically 10c per message.

This particular client was sending an average of 1,000 messages per month, which meant 500 were free and 500 costs 10c each; total €50.

SendMode currently offers 1,000 messages for 3.2c each; Total €32. Monthly saving of €18 and a yearly saving of €216 for a client who sends out 1,000 messages per month. If you send out more than this, the savings are even better.

So for clients sending this volume and more, SendMode does in fact offer better value than 02′s free web text offering. Switching is easy, we’ll do everything it for you and when you login you’ll see how easy it is to use the SendMode Platform.

If you have any questions or would like to move to SendMode Web Text, we’d be happy to give you 10% extra for free on your first purchase.

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