How to make Mobile Marketing work for you!

Businesses wanting to market products and services to potential customers using Mobile Marketing must understand the culture shift we are going through, and embrace digital and mobile advertising platforms to reach consumers on the go.

Mobile Marketing presents marketers with an array of opportunities. Companies who use mobile can drive in-store traffic, increase revenue and reach consumers on a deeper level. However, often times, companies miss the mark by not taking the necessary precautions to ensure their campaign is executed effectively. It is essential, with mobile marketing, that you present your material in a unique manner in order to grab customer attention and subsequently, lock them in!

To make mobile marketing work for you, and to ensure the best return for your campaign, follow these simple steps:-

  1. Know your Customers – It is important to know who your target audience by figuring out who you are trying to reach.
  2. Offer Valuable Content – People will opt into a program that offers easy, fun access to valuable special offers.
  3. Mobile is highly Local – Mobile users have a higher tendency to conduct searches with a local intent, therefore it is important to customise where possible.
  4. Be Concise and Focused – Bulk SMS  is all about concise and focused advertising, you need to capture the reader immediately!
  5. Limit Choices – Keep campaigns as simple as possible. It is important to find out what your main objective is and work from there. When it comes to mobile marketing, the idea is to call the customer to an action for that specific promotion. This allows the customer to act quickly and effectively.
  6. User Experience – Don’t lose the conversion because of a poor mobile experience.  A good mobile experience will accelerate the virtuous circle of discovery, sharing, traffic, and additional sharing. A poor mobile experience, on the other hand, will result in a lost opportunity for revenue, brand engagement, and customer loyalty!

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