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How Geotarget SMS Messaging Works

Bulmers Irish Cider, by sending out an SMS message using Geofencing notifications, were able to increase pub sales of their cider by 50% in the UK, proving that geotarget SMS messaging works!

Bulmers achieved this by creating a SMS geofence within a half-mile radius of more that 1,000 pubs in the UK.  The message was set to target customers  between the ages 18-34.  Once these potential customers were within the radius, they were sent an SMS message pointing them in the direction of the nearest bottle!

The Facts:

Some important facts after a month of running this campaign;

  • 25% of recipients bought a cider from the suggested pub!
  • 53% of recipients purchased a cider from another pub following the link!

This example of Geotarget SMS Messaging shows an amazing conversion rate!  To find out more and see how SMS Messaging using Geofencing notifications can work for your business contact Trevor or John on 01685 4913 or email

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