Make a better choice for your business with Bulk Text

When choosing a Bulk Text Supplier

When choosing a Bulk Text supplier there are a number of questions to ask to ensure you are getting the best quality, price and service for your marketing spend. We have come up with 6 questions you should ask of all Bulk Text suppliers before making your choice.

Is the pricing transparent?

Some companies have super complicated credit systems where they use multipliers for delivery to different networks. This can be very hard to track and what on the face of it appears to be a great price could actually cost you up to 50% more.

Ask about setup fee’s or contract fees. We advise staying with Pay As You Go, one credit per SMS services.

Also, watch out for expiring or dying credits which get removed if they have not been used for more than 12 months.

Does the company honour purchase prices?

Sometimes the operators will increase the prices, meaning the cost of SMS will increase for the Bulk Text suppliers. So if you have 10,000 credits left in your account, purchased at prices before an operator increase, will your Bulk Text supplier honour this price?

Does the company use a direct connections or grey routes?

With the exception of one or two operators all grey routes into the UK and Ireland have now been blocked so Bulk Text companies offering very low prices on these grey routes quit simply will not be able to deliver the messages.

You will experience reliability problems and very poor or non-existent delivery reporting.

For quality, direct routes is the only option and most operators providing direct routes will be in and around the same price.

Does the Bulk Text service have an opt-out / unsubscribe feature and is it free?

The best practice guidelines issued by the Mobile Marketing Association state that you need to have a text opt-out option on your text campaigns.  There is also a legal requirement that consumers must be aware of a free and easy way to opt-out of receiving SMS.

Very important to keep you and your company compliant. Make sure to ask this question !!!!

What are the payment options?

You should be able to make payments for Bulk Text credits online and they should automatically be added to your account. The company should not impose any credit card fees and should take any cost on-board themselves.

How reliable is the company’s technology?

How reliable are the servers that your business Bulk Texts service will run on? What back up procedures are in place? Are there any guarantees on ‘up time’?

Granted this is all pretty dull technical stuff but it’s important that you can rely on the service being up and running all the time.

What credentials does the SMS Company have?

How long have they the company been in business?  Have they won awards and how many customers do they have? Would they give you a reference customer to call? Also, you can get an idea of the financials of the company at  been about and who have they worked for?

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