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Measurable Marketing with Mobile Vouchers

Bulk SMS is a hugely popular marketing tool for business owners who want to connect instantly with their customer base. With 98% of all SMS messages opened and 90% opened within 3 minutes of receipt, business owners are pretty much guaranteed that their customers will open and read their messages. It is easy to see […]

Manage Four Marketing Tools from One Place

Marketing your business in today’s fast paced environment is more difficult than any business owner ever imagined it would be. With so many different marketing tools available to choose from it’s not easy to work out which ones are most effective for your business. When you have finally worked out which mediums are most successful […]

Sendmode’s SMS Voucher System – The Answer to all your Promotional Problems

We don’t talk about it, but we know it happens! Running a bingo club comes with many security issues and one we don’t like to discuss aloud, for HR reasons, is the threat of staff fraud.  Are you sending promotions to your customers via bulk text, email, direct mail or one of the many other […]

Enhance Your Customer Intelligence with SMS Vouchers

We all know who our customers are, but which create the most revenue? There has been a need to enhance customer intelligence to support and measure voucher campaigns in the Bingo industry for some time.  Many clubs are aware bulk text is working as a marketing tool because they can see the numbers at their […]