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bulk text for restaurants

Bulk Text for Restaurants

OK so let’s get more customers in through your doors using a combination of permission based marketing and bulk text for restaurants. Here is a simple 2 step strategy which will save you time, streamline your marketing and most importantly, increase your revenues. Step 1. Build you database First we need to build your opt-in […]

black friday

Make the most of Black Friday with Bulk Text Marketing

Black Friday is on 25th of November this year and is seen as the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season. Long known as a day when retailers will have great deals for consumers, it also represents a massive opportunity for retailers to connect with current and new customers. One of the most popular methods […]

customer list build january sales

Build Your Customer List Now for January Sales

The holiday shopping period will start this week. Business will be brisk, staff will be busy and the tills will be ringing. However we should take advantage of this busy period and the increased footfall to build our customer lists for 2017. When a customer has taken the time to visit your outlet, it is […]

Mobile shortcodes and keywords

Mobile Shortcodes and Keywords – What’s the Difference?

In a Bulk Text Marketing campaign the KEYWORD is the word texted to an SMS SHORTCODE, such as 51444 that can be used to generate sales or for promotional activities.  You may be most familiar with mobile shortcodes and keywords commonly used for text in competitions on TV and radio shows. For example, “Text WIN to 51444 to […]

Mobile Engagement

Mobile Marketing Terminology

It can all get a bit confusing sometimes, so here is your mobile marketing terminology guide. A API Application Programming Interface. Use our API to connect your application to ours to send automatic SMS messages. Android Google smartphone operating system Alerts A type of communication which converts instant, important information Application Software solutions that power […]

Use a Mobile Keyword to Build your Bulk Text Database

Mobile keywords are an extremely powerful and essential tool in building a successful mobile marketing campaign. A Mobile keyword can enable two-way messaging, offering an excellent way for you to engage with your current customer base AND entice new customers to opt in to your marketing messages. Once a customer opts in to one of […]

Manage Four Marketing Tools from One Place

Marketing your business in today’s fast paced environment is more difficult than any business owner ever imagined it would be. With so many different marketing tools available to choose from it’s not easy to work out which ones are most effective for your business. When you have finally worked out which mediums are most successful […]

mobile marketing stats

Convincing Mobile Marketing Stats

If you’re not convinced about why you should adopt Mobile Marketing yet, here are a few quick convincing mobile marketing stats which should persuade you to implement mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy. Remember Sendmode can help you with Bulk Text, School Text, Mobile Keywords, Email to SMS, Mobile Websites, Voucher Systems and Social […]

How Bulk Text can help you Ride the Storm

Storm Darwin has caused destruction and carnage across our beautiful country over the past few days.  Winds of up to 177km/h have left more than 150,000 homes and businesses without electricity. Buildings and homes have been torn apart leaving many homeless with no idea how to rebuild their lives. As is our nature, the Irish […]

Bulk SMS – Tips on choosing a successful Keyword

Mobile keywords offer an excellent way for you to engage with your current customer base and allow new customers an easy way to opt in to your marketing messages. In essence, your aim is to ensure responding to your opt-in keyword is; quick, easy and error-free! Resulting in you harnessing all prospective subscribers!!