BulkText – Why prices have increased and how not to get overcharged.


As you know, the cost of Bulk Text prices in Ireland increased quite considerably in November 2014. In this blog post we the Sendmode management team, will explain why this has happened and how it has affected the overall Bulk Text Market in Ireland.

So why have prices increased?

In a word ‘Vodafone’. Vodafone Ireland have followed the lead of O2 Ireland and closed down their wholesale SMS network to everyone except those providers who have direct contracts with them to use their routes.

This enabled Vodafone to set their own specific pricing for everyone.

  • Resulting in a 500% increase to Vodafone Ireland wholesale prices
  • Effecting the overall wholesale rate for Bulk Text to Ireland by 75%

How was this 75% increase to wholesale purchase prices handled by Sendmode?

Sendmode took on board 75% of this increase ourselves to limit the pain to our customers. Just 25%  of this increase was passed on.

  • Before Nov 2014 –  Sendmode 1000 Credits  – 3.2c/SMS
  • After Nov 2014    – Sendmode 1000 Credits  – 4.0c/SMS
  • This is a 25% increase instead of 75% to our customers

How was this 75% increase to wholesale purchase prices handled by other providers?

Most of our competitors have passed on the full impact of the increase to their customers and some have even added extra. We have a price comparision table on the website just below our own pricing. You can view by clicking here and scrolling down just below our pricing.

How do I know my provider is using Direct Routes?

Some providers are trying to justify their high prices by fooling their customers with stories that only they have direct route access and that is why they have to charge so much, while in turn, trying to discredit their competitors as using inferior routes.

This is nonsense. Those not using direct routes can be detected quite simply as they will show one or all of the following problems quickly as routes are so poor:

  • SenderID replaced with an international numeric phone number
  • Missing delivery reports and  poor delivery rates of below 80%

If your provider is telling you that they are the only ones with direct routes and that you must accept their high increases, our advice is to test around. All main providers in Ireland are using direct routes, the difference in price is because some are simply charging more.

What makes Sendmode the best provider?

We, at Sendmode, have built our company, now employing 10 people here in Ireland, on providing quality, low cost Bulk Text together with a friendly and always available customer service.

Our operating expenses remain low and these savings are passed on to our customers as;

  • Our high monthly volumes enable us to purchase at best industry wholesale prices
  • Our sales and support team are focused on long-term customer relationships, not quick wins
  • Our infrastructure and software platform delivers efficient intelligent routing

We run a very open and transparent company, totally focussed on delivering the best service, quality and price to our customers. This is why we do not engage in any scare tactics like our competitors.

We’ve proven that you get more for less with Sendmode and will continue to work hard for all our customers.

If you would like to know more about us and switch from your current supplier, please call us and we’ll give you an amazing switching package and you can see why more than 5,000 clients in Ireland now use Sendmode.

Thanks so much for reading this blog post, we hope you have found it useful and informative.

Kind Regards,

John McNamara & Barry Murphy

Founders, Sendmode.com