bulk text for tipsters

Bulk Text for Tipsters

With the racing season just about to get underway we thought we’d write a short blog on why Bulk Text works well for Tipsters. From the immediacy of delivery to managing replies from punters Bulk Text provides a great way for tipsters to connect with their customer base.

Below are 5 reasons why tipsters will benefit from using Bulk Text.

Easy to Use

Bulk Text software is very easy to use and messages can be designed and delivered in a couple of minutes.

Instant Delivery

Timing is very important and SMS are delivered in seconds to the handsets of your customer base. Furthermore the mobile operators send back delivery reports so you can see immediately all the delivered messages and clean your database of any dead or invalid numbers.

2 Way Communications

Many Bulk Text service providers have the ability for 2 way communications with customers. Customers can reply directly to your text message and this reply will be stored in your account and even forwarded to your email or mobile should you wish.

Manage Replies

All replies come back into your account and are easily managed from the Manage Replies feature. As mentioned above these replies can easily be forwarded to your mobile or inbox.

Signing on Bonus

If you decide to use our award winning Bulk Text for tipsters service we have a wonderful signing on bonus for you. Sendmode will double your first purchase for FREE, for example if you buy the 5,000 text bundle, we will add 5,000 credits to your account immediately.

If you are interested in our obligation free trial please click the image below.

We hope you found the above information helpful and thank you for taking the time to visit our blog. We are here 24/7 should you need us, contact us by email, phone or online chat at any time.


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