Bulk Text Price Drop

Bulk Text Price Drop

The busiest time of year is upon us and with so many of you using Sendmode, we have been busy negotiating with the mobile operators on your behalf. The good news is that with over 7,000 customers in Ireland and the largest market share of any bulk text provider, our volumes have increased to over 8 million a month here in Ireland and we have negotiated a reduction in our prices. We are passing these reductions onto you immediately.

The price reductions are on our 2.5K, 5K, 10K, 25K, 50K and 100K bundles; please see our pricing at www.sendmode.com/pricing or in your account. If you don’t have one .. why not 🙂 !!!

Although this is a busy time for us all, we also need to make a plan for what to do during quieter times at the turn of the year. We also wrote a blog recently on how to use the holiday period to build up your opt-in customer database during the busy holiday period so you can market special offers in Jan-Feb. It is available at http://www.sendmode.com/marketing-during-the-holidays.

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On a completely separate note, I have always been a believer that you should make your bed as soon as you get up, for 2 reasons; one is that you have accomplished something, albeit small, early in your day and the second is that when you go to bed that night, you will see the first victory you had that day. Reminding you how great you are and thus ensuring a sound night’s sleep. After years of standing my ground, I have finally been proven right by the World Economic Forum via the Daily Telegraph. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/jobs/11970272/14-things-successful-people-do-before-breakfast.html

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