bulk text price comparison

Bulk Text Price Comparison

We proclaim to be the best at bulk text, and now we’ll show you why!  Sendmode are the proud providers of a low cost, top quality bulk text online platform for 5 years now. We are committed to our customers and servicing their needs, which is why we’ve just launched our new, free iPhone and Android app, making communication more accessible.

Our strongest selling point is that we have always been the lowest cost provider of bulk text in Ireland, true to this point we’ve drawn up a bulk text price comparison table so you can see very clearly the savings you make by being a Sendmode customer. Of course our product is of the utmost highest quality and we provide 24/7 support to assist you with your bulk text communication.

Sendmode are 100% Irish owned and based in Letterkenny Co Donegal.  We now have 11 employees and are proud to say we are contributing towards the growth of the Irish economy.

So check out the bulk text price comparison table and spread the word, if you’re look for bulk text, come to Sendmode. Contact Trevor on 01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com

Sendmode Bulk Text Price Comparison Table

SMS Provider

Cost Per Text Credit

Total per Text Credit inc. VAT

Sendmode 3.6c 4.4c
Esendex 8.0c 9.8c
Clickatell 6.6c 8.1c
Message Hero 5.0c 6.2c
Neon SMS 4.8c 5.9c
Webtext 4.5c 5.5c
Bulk Text 3.9c 4.8c
Text Republic 3.7c 4.6c

*Price is based on a typical purchase of 1,000 Bulk Text credits

*Please note that this list is not a complete list of every company providing Bulk Text services

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