Bulk Text messaging ideal for hearing impaired in business

Bulk Text messaging has become the favoured method of digital communication over email, with schools, sports clubs and businesses utilising text messaging marketing to communicate urgent updates or unexpected emergencies, reminders about meetings. As the majority of people bring their phones everywhere with them, this  Means even if staff are away from their desk they will still get the notification by text message.

Bulk Text messaging is particularly effective for the hearing impaired and speech disadvantaged as they can receive and understand what is required of them based on a meeting or informal chat, with the added benefit of absentee staff being kept aware of the information discussed also.

The benefits of text messaging to the hearing impaired and speech disadvantaged are as follows:
– Can order a takeaway by text message
– Can participate in two-communications on the move, without the assistance of a third party
– Enables the individual can extend their network of friends.
– Removes the need to leave machine communications for schools and businesses.

The benefits of text messaging to a business are as follows:
– An effective low cost method of communication with a 100% read rate for recipients.
– Can hire a hearing or speech disadvantaged individual without worries of isolating them.
– Provides a communication channel for individuals who do not know sign language or are not comfortable with communicating with different communication techniques such as talking loud and slow etc…
– Provides a new community of friends outside of their shared community of friends and family.

With these additional uses and benefits of Text messaging, why not create an account today at http://www.sendmode.com/createaccount to gain the benefits of texting within your business.