Bulk Text Messaging for Retail Outlets

With 97% open rates, coupon redemption rates as high, if not higher, the ability to share great offers with all your customers within minutes, together with the ability to ever expand your customer base …… a permission-based, bulk text messaging marketing campaign is the optimal tool to increase your revenue AND your footfall.  Just think …. with a simple text message, you can instantly shift those lingering end of season stock items !!!

Few of us can resist or ignore a bargain …… however, how frustrating is it when you never seem to be in the right place at the right time! …..  With a bulk text messaging campaign, you can reach all your customers, at the right time, instantly clearing your rails for your new stock!

Why Bulk Text Messaging?

  • Mobile marketing is not only cheaper and faster, but also portable, more personalised, and establishes a good customer relationship.
  • It costs, on average, £37 to send 1,000 text messages!!
  • Do you know anyone who deletes a text without reading it?
  • How long is it before you read a text message from one of your favourite outlets?
  • Customers must opt-in to receive your messages, therefore, they are and will be enthusiastic about your offers!  You can now reach your customers when the impact is greatest by analysing when they are most likely to purchase.

Getting Started

  • Click ‘Create an Account’ at sendmode.co.uk and instantly acquire free credits to try out the service.
  • Invite your customers, and potential customers, to sign up for special offers by advertising a shortcode number everywhere; at the pay desk, in your shop windows, on a billboard outside your shop, on facebook etc.  By simply texting your shortcode, the customer is then added to your customer mailing list. Its that simple!
  • Always be mindful, your customer must have opted-in to receive your promotions, special offers and alerts and must always be provided with the opt-out alternative.

Monitor your Success Rate

Success rate awareness is essential. By continually monitoring the progress of your campaigns, you can then effectively improve and strenghten your strategies:-

  1. Subscriber Growth – subscriber growth should be ever increasing.
  2. Redemption Rates – what percentage of your subscribers redeem your offers.
  3. Opt-out Rates – what percentage of your customers are leaving your campaign.

Click ‘Create Account’ now at sendmode.co.uk to setup your free trial or call our dedicated team, Trevor or John on 020-3411-446 or email support@sendmode.com at any time and we will set up your first SMS marketing campaign with our award winning service.

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