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One of the greatest compliments we get when a business uses our Bulk Text Messaging service is when the business owner tells us how successful their Text Marketing campaign was and they had not even considered Bulk Text Messaging before as a marketing channel.

More and more business are seeing how great this marketing channel is. As a business owner said recently to me, “It’s a direct connect to your customer”.

The key is to build your opt-in customer list so you have a list of customers who will welcome and respond to your messages.  Make sure to ask all your customers for their name and phone number and permission to send offers. This can be done with in-house competitions, text to mobile keywords or a simple sheet of paper.

Sending a promotion or a news bulk text once a month will then result the best response from any marketing campaign you may do with radio, newspapers, flyers or even social media and email.

The statistics don’t lie either, 98% of text messaging are read within 3 minutes of receipt.  The average response rate for Bulk Text Messaging campaigns across all industries is 12%.  Sending out to 1000 people will result in approximately 120 responses to your service.

This is why more and more business owners are coming to love Bulk Text Messaging. It’s low cost, fast and gives instant results.  A butcher in the midlands couldn’t believe the first time he used Bulk Text. “I sent out a promotional offer one afternoon at 2:30, within 30 seconds someone was in my shop, I asked the customer how she got the offer so quickly and her husband had got the text message and phoned her to pop in.”

It goes without saying how much we love Bulk Text Messaging and its benefits for business and if you would like to know more about Bulk Text Messaging and how it can drive revenue and increase customer engagement in your business, please feel free to call Sendmode at any time on 01-685-4913 or email support@sendmode.com.

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Bulk Text Messaging