Bulk Text for Restaurants

Spring has arrived at last! We are finally willing to leave our comfy confines and head out on the town! Nothing like re-visiting your favourite restaurant or indeed, being all-out adventurous and trying out new eateries!

As a restaurateur, you want your establishment to host, and continue to host, both customer categories ….. new AND existing! It is imperative to maintain your existing customer base, but equally, it is vital to attract first-timers to blow them away with your culinary delights and impeccable customer service, leaving them no choice but to put your establishment into their ‘favourites’ list!!

Local newspapers, magazines, local radio were all effective modes of advertising, however, the internet and mobile devices have taken advertising into a whole new realm!!

Why sign-up for Sendmode’s permission based, Bulk Text for Restaurants Messaging Service?

  • Cost: It costs only 36 euro to send a message of 160 characters or less to 1,000 customers, how powerful is that!! Start sending texts in minutes, with no setup or monthly fees, you only buy credits as required.
  • Quality & Reliability: SendMode’s award winning service is easy to use and has direct connections to all operators to achieve the highest delivery rates.
  • Boost Business: Its human nature ….we cannot ignore a ‘special deal’, a ‘free bottle of wine’, not least …… ‘% discount off the final bill’!
  • 100% Targeting : It is a proven fact, 98% of ALL texts are read within 5 minutes of despatch. A-boards outside premises are often ignored, not to mention how easy it is to miss an ad in a newspaper or magazine. Conversely, how many of us delete a text without reading it???
  • Versatility: Not only can you target new and existing customers by texting your attractive offers/deals, you can also add a link to your message to enable new customers to view your new, irresistible, sumptuous menu! Be proactive on a slow day by sending out ‘on-the-spot’ offers. Furthermore, you can send a reminder text to your customers to avoid no shows!
  • Customer Feedback:Customer feedback is invaluable. On texting your customers a short survey after their visit, you learn exactly what your customers are thinking and you can act accordingly.
  • Get your Bulk Text campaign underway today, simply click Create Account above to setup your free trial or call 01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com at any time and we will set up your first bulk text marketing campaign with our award winning service.

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