Bulk Text for Gyms – How to keep one step ahead!

Bulk Text for Gyms is a new trend that has very successfully reshaped the way in which we communicate! No more letters, phone calls, expensive newspaper ads, emails etc.  There is  little you can communicate in conventional marketing letters that you can’t convey in 160-character text message blasts… FACT!  Both customer and business owner alike win with this innovative, low cost, real time, wide reaching communication tool.Firstly, entice consumers to text a keyword to a short code.  Subsequently create a database of potential clients…. That’s how easy it is!  The enticement does not have to be costly e.g. offer a free 7 day trail, a free assessment, free appointment with a personal trainer, buy 12 months membership, get 1 month free etc etc.

Who doesn’t text message??? Less than 2% of the population – even my Mum & Dad can read and send a message!  We all have our mobile devices to hand at all times  ….your audience is vast.

Proven Statistics :-
• 98% of text messages are opened and read within 5 minutes (how often are emails opened? Advertising postcards read?)
• Bulk Text is inexpensive – contact 1,000 customers for at little as €34
• Bulk Text is instant and targeted

Bulk Text for Gyms is also ideal to keep in touch with your existing members. Personalise messages thus building loyalty – your members will be less likely to move to another gym! Keep your clients up to date with; class timetables, special events, nutrition updates, offers & discounts, renewal notifications etc etc. The list is endless, tap into your creativity!  Bulk Text messaging will increase your footfall thus increasing long term revenue.

In the current climate, can you afford not to embrace this highly successful marketing strategy??

For further assistance and advice in creating the most effective Bulk Text Marketing campaign for your Gym, keeping one step ahead, please contact Trevor or John on Tel: 01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com and we will be happy to assist with making Mobile Marketing work for you!

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