How Bulk Text can help you Ride the Storm

Storm Darwin has caused destruction and carnage across our beautiful country over the past few days.  Winds of up to 177km/h have left more than 150,000 homes and businesses without electricity. Buildings and homes have been torn apart leaving many homeless with no idea how to rebuild their lives.

As is our nature, the Irish community are pulling together to think of ways to help those affected by Storm Darwin.  Initiatives such as Flood Relief Ireland have been set up in response to this crisis to encourage volunteers and sponsors to take part in a relief effort to assist those in the flood damaged areas of Ireland.

We heard about their great work on the radio this week and thought about how Sendmode’s Bulk Text could assist in these desperate times.  Organising volunteers can be a timely task, but with Sendmode’s Keywords and Bulk Text product; it’s a straight forward technique to collect a database of those willing to help out.  Volunteers can text in their location and how they can help, thus minimising time spent talking on the phone.

With warnings to stay indoors unless necessary, there will be a rising need to assist elderly neighbours over the coming days who may run short of food supplies.  A keyword from Sendmode such as HELP can be used by those who seeking assistance from local groups.  This will help to coordinate food parcel deliveries.

Should the weather decline again, or if warnings are updated, Sendmode’s Bulk Text is the perfect way to get the message out to your community. Send a message from our online platform or from your mobile phone to everyone in seconds and rest assured, 98% of text messages will be read.

To find out how we can help you, contact Trevor on 01 685 4913 or email

We hope all our customers are safe and well.