BULK SMS the best marketing tool for SMEs

Is BULK SMS the best marketing tool…?

  • 98% of text messages are read within 5 minutes!
  • On average, we look at our mobile phones 150 times a day!
  • Mobile devices are within arms reach approximately 14 hours each day!

Clearly, BULK SMS is a new trend that has truly reshaped the way in which we communicate.  Businesses can send highly targeted opt-in text marketing messages to their audience and subsequently watch their business grow and grow!  BULK SMS will drive new traffic to your business/service, together with retaining your existing customer base, whilst constantly re-enforcing your brand.

Bulk SMS messaging is a proven highly successful marketing tool which costs less money and has a wider reach than most marketing mediums!

To get started on a campaign to suit your specific needs,  contact Trevor or John on Tel 01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com

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