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Bulk SMS – Smarter Marketing for Business

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At this time of year, business owners are trying to work out their marketing strategies for the year. With so many channels available, what is the one most appropriate for both my business and my customer’s needs? We’ve been in the Bulk SMS business since 2009 and continually see that when Bulk SMS is used as part of an opt-in marketing strategy, the level of engagement and response from your customers is second to none. This is why SME’s keep coming back time and time again to SMS Marketing. It is low-cost, instant and reliable and if your promotions are relevant to your customers, the response across all industries is over 12%.  Anecdotally, our customers tell us of responses of up to 50% when the timing and promotion content is nailed, consider a butcher who uses knowledge of an upcoming heatwave to send customers an excellent deal on BBQ packages.

The key is to be relevant to your customers, the offer must be sent with your customers in mind. Consider how you would feel if you received an SMS promotion from your business. What offer would compel you to react and visit your business?  It’s all about timing and content.

When we started Sendmode, we wanted to provide business with a low cost and highly effective way to get their message into their customer’s hands. We watched the Bulk SMS market grow year on year as more business gets turned on to this channel and despite a lot of hype around other channels like social and email, Bulk SMS continues to grow year on year worldwide.

If you would like to know more about Bulk SMS and how it can be used to improve customer retention and drive your sales, please contact us at any time on 01-685-4913 or email support@sendmode.com.

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