Bulk SMS Scheduling

Bulk SMS Scheduling can be a very useful tool for any businesses,as you can plan your messages in advance of the sending the data. Sendmode offer the feature of scheduling the text messages you send out to your customers.

What can you use scheduling for?

  1. Use scheduling for annual messages like Birthday and anniversary messages.
  2. Schedule your messages in advance so they can go out even when you’re out of the office or on holidays, on a 24/7 basis to different target groups (realistic to your business needs).
  3. Plan ALL your messages in advance for the week or month in advance say on a Monday or Friday or the first day of the month, to save you having to remember to log in, when you want to send  promotional or informational messages.
  4. Plan your promotional message in advance to go out once, weekly, monthly or yearly to best suit your needs and to save you time for other tasks. However, we would recommend that you schedule different promotional messages to go out over a period of time, to prevent customers getting frustrated with the same promotional messages.

Hope this assists you and gives you ideas for  scheduling your messages.
Best Regards,