Bulk SMS Messaging for Equestrian Centres

Bulk SMS Messaging for Equestrian Centres is the way forward; to inform the public of who you are, where you are and most importantly what you have to offer!  If you want to have your centre buzzing this summer, with full summer pony camps, fully booked competitions, full school tours AND increased shop sales, its time to contact Sendmode to get started with Bulk SMS Messaging for Equestrian Centres. Bulk SMS Messaging is the most responsive direct marketing tool available.  Remember everyone, young and old own a mobile device!  Its very cost effective with messages only costing a few cents.  Gain a competitive edge and reduce precious time spent on traditional marketing methods!

Bulk SMS Messaging works for all your marketing requirements:-

®                Upcoming Events

®                Summer Pony Camps

®                Show Jumping Competitions

®                School Tours

®                Open Days

®                Livery

®                Shop Sales/Clearance

®                Riding Lessons/Treks

®                Family Hours


“Fancy some riding lessons? An exciting trek? Or why not hold your birthday party with Gee Gee’s Equestrian Centre, followed by a BBQ.  Contact …………..”

So take the reigns and contact  Trevor or John  on Tel:  01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com and we will be happy to assist you in making Mobile Marketing work for you!

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