Bulk SMS Marketing Secrets for SMEs

SMS Marketing is currently a popular and ever expanding method of communicating and advertising. This is clearly evident, as the price of texts has plummeted to enable companies take advantage of this extremely profitable marketing tool.  In terms of cheap text bundles, thousands of messages can be despatched instantly to your customers at the click of a button, conveying your; promotions, coupons, alerts, special deals, notifications regarding upcoming events, and updates regarding your products/services. So here are our Bulk SMS Secrets for SMEs.

Create the most effective SMS campaigns following these simple steps:-

S — For Short – Keep the message short and to the point to capture your reader

M – For Message – Be creative with the content to create interest

S — For Service – Remember you are providing a service, therefore ensure your timing is right!

Using SMS Marketing, it is possible to track your return of investment which enables you monitor and hence realise the full potential of TEXT marketing.

What you need as an SME is a strong, reliable and bullet-proof method that works perfectly to transform your personal marketing strategy, to enable you to attain new customers and entice your existing clients whom have already gained their very own trust in your brand/service.

This type of SMS Marketing is ideal for just about any industry and business.  We hope our Bulk SMS Secrets for SMEs were useful. To find out more, contact our team, Trevor or John on 016854913 or email support@sendmode.com at any time and we will set up your first SMS  marketing campaign with our award winning service.

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