Bulk SMS Market Solutions for Business

Bulk SMS Market Solutions for Business

If you’re looking for Bulk SMS market solutions for business marketing you’ve come to the right place. Sendmode are leading providers of bulk SMS marketing and it’s not just our great prices and service that keep our customers coming back to us. We listen to our customers, we take the time required to find out how we can develop products that will solve their problems.

We’ve been in business for over 5 years now and since 2009 we have built bulk SMS market solutions for business managers across the world. Not only do we provide bulk SMS, we also offer: social media management, a customised school text platform, a text voucher system and mobile websites. These products have all been developed because our customers highlighted a need for them.

Sendmode’s Bulk SMS market solutions for business also offer many custom features:

  • All SMS text messages can be personalised using sender ID’s and custom fields.
  • You can send an image of your promotional flyers by send SMS text message via a web link.
  • Send automatic birthday texts to your customers.
  • Include your opt-out option as an automatic signature on all your messages to ensure you always comply with data laws.
  • Get delivery reports on all your SMS text messages.
  • Send text messages on the move using our Free Bulk Text app for iPhone or Android.

Our great prices from 2c per SMS text message attract new customers to us, but it is our quality routes, superior level of customer service and our listening skills that make them stay with Sendmode.

Your business can use Bulk SMS market solutions to boost sales during quiet periods, to build awareness of promotions or to incentivise customers with coupons or special offers. You can send your customer reminders about bookings or appointments or perhaps update them with product information.

Contact us to try get started with a free trial on 01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com

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Bulk SMS Market Solutions for Business