Bulk SMS – Tips on choosing a successful Keyword

Mobile keywords offer an excellent way for you to engage with your current customer base and allow new customers an easy way to opt in to your marketing messages.

In essence, your aim is to ensure responding to your opt-in keyword is; quick, easy and error-free! Resulting in you harnessing all prospective subscribers!!

1. Easy to Remember

If your keyword is complex and difficult to remember, you are sure to lose that customer! Whilst replying to your offer, your potential subscriber will have to ‘learn off’ your tricky keyword to ensure they respond correctly to your opt in request ….. too much work and too time consuming … sale NOT converted 🙁 !

2. One Original Word

Remember, Keywords are in limited supply, only one business can use a particular keyword at a given time i.e. offer or win

Be creative with your keywords, ensure they are :-

  • Short
  • Simple
  • Punchy

If you use two words together i.e. quarterpounder, you present the risk of people automatically putting a space between the two words …… Again, sale NOT converted 🙁 !

3. No Special Characters

By using special characters; ?, #, €, £, !, you are forcing your potential subscriber to possibly use functionality they are not familiar with, that’s not straight forward, and introduces a risk of inaccuracy ….. Again, sale NOT converted 🙁 !

4. Top Tip -> avoid using the letter ‘o’ and the digit ‘0’, they are quite difficult to decipher on text and are easily confused.  Again, too much room for error and possibly, another sale NOT converted 🙁 !

If you are new to Bulk SMS messaging and bamboozled with ‘keyword’ etiquette….. fear not, Sendmode are here to guide and assist you with all your Bulk SMS and successful keyword questions and queries 🙂 ! Contact Trevor or John on Tel: 01 685 4913 or email support@sendmode.com OR simply click ‘Create Account’ on our website to receive 25 free credits to get you up and running!

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