Bulk SMS for Waste Disposal Services

Nowadays consumers have numerous waste collections; domestic, recycling, glass and food, all collected at different times by waste disposal companies. Enter Bulk SMS for Waste Disposal Services…Bulk SMS is an easy to use, cost effective, fast and reliable way for companies to notify their customer base of the specifics of their waste disposal service.

By using Bulk SMS as a part of your communication suite, you will notice, your customers will continue to use your service. It is essential to inform your customers of up to the minute events in order to build your customer loyalty.

SendMode’s award winning Bulk SMS platform is an easy to use and very cost effective online service for waste disposal companies.

To Get Started:-

  1. Setup a FREE account with 25 FREE credits by clicking “Create Account” above
  2. Import your customer database in seconds or use your FREE keyword to entice current customers to opt-in to marketing/informational messages.
  3. Create your messages and click Send Now or schedule for later.
  4. SMS messages are delivered in seconds with your Company Name as the Sender Name.

For further assistance and advice in creating the most effective Bulk SMS Marketing campaign for your business, please contact Trevor or John on Tel: 020-3411-446 or email support@sendmode.com and we will assist you with making Mobile Marketing work for you!

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