Bulk SMS for Hairdressers

Going mobile to contact your customers is the most effective way to contact your customers.  Bulk SMS is a cost effective way to get your message out there! Businesses currently using Bulk SMS are enjoying notable results in their footfall and bottom line figures. This is the main reason why using SMS is one of the most popular marketing channels across the world. It is easy to use, permission based, targeted, low cost and most importantly, effective.

Sendmode Business Messaging, one of the current leaders in SMS Marketing, are here to help get you started, offering 25 FREE Credits to try out the system for yourself! Our super friendly staff will be there for you throughout your campaigns offering advice on content, timing and how to build up your mobile customer database.

Reasons for success rate:-

  • Read rate – mobile devices are in use 24/7. The average person will check their phones 150 times per day and have them with them all the time. This marketing channel is always on!!
  • Bulk SMS is very cost effective. With 98% of messages read within 3 minutes of receipt, your message is guaranteed to reach your intended audience.
  • Bulk SMS Marketing for Hairdressers is instant. All messages are delivered in real-time.
  • Bulk SMS is targeted. No more spray and pray marketing. Your customers have given you permission to contact them and Bulk SMS for Hairdressers gives you the opportunity to segment your customers and send specific offers to different customer groups.

Furthermore, utilise Bulk SMS to remind customers of appointments thus saving revenue.  Advertise promotions, discounts, Flash sale days etc, the options are endless!

We have been in the Bulk SMS Marketing business for 5 years and help thousands of small business owners cut through the noise and reach their customers. Contact Trevor or John on support@sendmode.com to help get your campaign started!

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Sendmode Bulk SMS Marketing for Hairdressers