Bulk SMS for Easter

Easter is fast approaching …… its time to get your bulk sms Campaigns for Easter egg-celerated, hatched 🙂 and despatched!

As a retailer, what is top of your wish-list ……. MORE customers, MORE revenue??

Staggering facts why Bulk SMS marketing is more successful than any other marketing tool:-

Open rates on mobile devices increased by 300% from October 2010 to October 2012. Open rates are currently estimated at 95%!!

  • Mobile SMS campaigns create twice as many sales as social media and search activities.
  • Mobile does not solely infer “on the go”, 51% of mobile users browse, search, and purchase on mobile devices at home i.e. your existing customers AND potential customers are reachable almost 24 x 7!  No other marketing mode can supersede that!
  • The number of mobile phones now out-ways the world’s population …. in fact there are 6 billion mobile phone subscribers worldwide!!
  • Note -> Web visits on a mobile or tablet devices are highest on Thursday at 15.7%.
  • Track your sales -> Sendmode’s award winning service allows you track your campaign’s success rate i.e. we offer instant feedback on whether your customers are interested in your product or not.

With the Easter holidays fast approaching, consumers are getting ready to spend, spend, spend!  Get ahead of your competitors by contacting Trevor or John @ sendmode.com or telephone01 6854913.  Or simply click on “Create Account” and we will set you up with 25 free credits!

Thanks for reading our blog about bulk SMS Campaigns for Easter