building and maintaining customer trust

Building and Maintaining Customer Trust

In June 2015 a survey found that almost 20% of consumers are receiving irrelevant marketing messages each day. This figure is very important because consumers have a number of distinct reactions to receiving irrelevant marketing messages.

  • Untargeted and irrelevant marketing communications can lead to:
  • Customers unsubscribing from your database – 60%
  • Disregarding any future messages – 45%
  • Less visits to a company’s website – 24%
  • Total rejection of your brand– 15%

So all the hard work done building your customer database and providing a good service to them can be undone by an overzealous approach to marketing.
Remember how powerful direct communications with your customers is and how personal their mobile phones are to them.
You have a relationship with your customer and the key to this relationship is to respect it and to maintain their trust. The customer has trusted you with their permission and their personal mobile phone number, but also they have trusted that you will send them information which they deem relevant.

There are 2 key questions which will help you maintain trust with your customer base.

Why would someone give you their mobile number?
The consumer likes your brand enough to trust you with their mobile number and trusts that you will use this information responsibly and provide a personal service.

What are you offering in return for this?
Save the customer’s money, first notification on sales, eclusive access to new stock. It must be of value to the customer.

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