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Bon Appetit – How Restaurants can benefit from SMS Marketing

If you’re curious how effective restaurant SMS marketing is, just take a look around. Smartphones are everywhere these days! People use their smartphones to decide where to eat, what to eat, and how to get there. Most people will even browse their phones during the course of their meal.

To compete in the restaurant business, you need to have a comprehensive marketing plan in place to attract more customers and increase repeat business. SMS marketing means you can send a text message straight to your customer’s pocket, and with an open rate of 98%, you can almost guarantee every message will be read. Not many marketing channels can hold up to those kinds of stats.

Restaurants often offer a daily special the chef may create that morning. How can they let their customers know what the special is that day? SMS Marketing!!

SMS can benefit your restaurant through promotion and brand awareness, to keep a database of contacts and customer, to share your menu and new dishes, and to attract sales with exclusive deals, and even boost internal communication processes. It is a convenient, effective, and instant way to stay in touch with customers and staff.

Use SMS Surveys to Gain Customer Feedback

As all restaurant owners know, improving the dining experience of customers is vital to a growing restaurant and can be the difference between a failed restaurant and successful one. Collecting feedback on customer’s experience is the best way to do this, feedback cards for people to fill in are often long-winded and time-consuming so customers would rather not fill them out.

A more advanced way of collecting feedback is by sending customers an SMS survey. This can be sent an hour or a day after they have visited, giving your customers sufficient time to think about their meal whilst it is still fresh in their mind.

Reservation Reminders

Many SMS marketing providers give you the ability to send and schedule text messages to individual subscribers. When people call to make a reservation, you can simply enter their mobile number into your system and schedule a text message to remind them about their reservation.

Consider adding a coupon for joining your SMS list.

Leverage the power of your existing customer base

One of the biggest mistakes made by business owners is not fully capitalizing on the financial potential in their current customer base.

These people know you, trust you, and most will be happy to do business with you… if you ask them! Figures show that SMS is a dramatically more effective way to connect with your current audience than either email marketing or social media (where fewer and fewer people are now seeing your posts).

Want to really stay connected with your customers so you can get them back into your establishment more often and spending more with you?

Try SMS!!

Provide Incentives

When you offer your customers the chance to sign up to receive text messages from your business, you need to give them a reason to do so. You may want to consider offering exclusive deals, specials, coupons, or other free goods to increase the likelihood that they’ll opt-in to your SMS program.

These are just a few ways that restaurants are already using SMS to ensure their customers are kept happy and keep coming back.

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